Epsilon Lambda Alumni Association
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So what has the Epsilon Lambda Alumni Association accomplished in the past 3 years?  I think we've done a great deal. We started by putting all our differences aside and since that time our numbers have grown from 24 to over 160 members with nearly 40 Lifetime members.  We've helped the Housing Corporation reduce a $150,000 debt that stood in 2011 and retired it in 2014.  Our donations allowed us to add a new fence to the Hal Houston Lodge along with an outstanding new basketball goal to the active chapter property; we've raised money and executed a new fully endowed scholarship account for Pi Kappa Alphas that will go on beyond our lifetimes that now stands at nearly $40,000--- and don't forget, you can get a tax deduction for your donation to this account.  We've brought together and, in many cases, reconnected brothers from across the United States while connecting them with our future, the men of the current active chapter.  We drew our largest homecoming crowd of alumni in the past five years in October 2015.  We've earned two successive Nester Awards from Pike International as one of only 10 associations per year to be recognized.  

What have we done?  I think we've proven that Pi Kappa Alpha truly does what it says...which is to establish friendships on a firmer and more lasting basis...that's what we've done.  You have transcended 55 years, nearly three generations, to come together and serve as an example to our active chapter that we practice what we preach.  I'm proud of your accomplishments and the support you give each and every year and I humbly and sincerely look forward to working with our new EC as we develop even greater ideas and accomplish more in the future.

Respectfully Your Brother,
Jerry Penner
President, Epsilon Lambda Alumni Association  2015-2017


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